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A manager provides directions to two employees inside a Dierbergs' store.


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  • If you are interested in growing your career, the first step is to talk with your Store/Facility Director and express your interest. They will help you determine if the Career Development Program is the next best step for you. Associates who are in consideration for a management position or who have recently been promoted may automatically be entered into the Career Development Program.

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Bob, a Store Director, comments on the promotions he's earned at Dierbergs.
“When I started, I ran to accomplish any tasks I was assigned. Within a year I was promoted to a grocery clerk and given additional responsibilities. Early on, Bob and Roger Dierberg talked to me about future growth. I was promoted to manager trainee when I turned 19 and then assistant store manager. I’ve discovered that building relationships and learning from other Associates is important.”
Bob, Store Director, Des Peres

Bob's Career Path

  1. Courtesy Clerk
  2. Grocery Clerk
  3. Assistant Store Manager
  4. Assistant Store Director
  5. Store Director